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Engaging Your Community

Posted on09. Nov, 2012 by .


Back in 1996 Bill Gates coined the phrase “content is king”, and ever since pundits of the digital era have recited it, dissected it, argued about it or agreed on it. At the heart of any company’s social media strategy lies content —  engaging, inquisitive and topical content. To this day there are many brands involved in [...]

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LinkedIn: Connect to Connect

Posted on12. Oct, 2012 by .


The goal on LinkedIn is to establish your professional reputation within your field. The key to this goal is building a network of professionals through strong connections. Like many forms of networking, the most important aspect is the quality of your connections – as opposed to the quantity. How can you network and build quality [...]

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Facebook to make job hunting Social

Posted on17. Sep, 2012 by .


Facebook’s widely anticipated job portal will launch on the back of their successful joint foray into job advertising with the US Department of Labor. If recruitment focussed sites like LinkedIn, Seek and Monster aren’t worried, they should be. A strong push into classified advertising, starting with jobs, is a logical play for Facebook and one [...]

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Twitter / LinkedIn partnership ends

Posted on02. Jul, 2012 by .


Over the last three years, users of both Twitter and LinkedIn have benefited from a partnership between the two. After linking your accounts, either all or selected tweets could automatically appear on your LinkedIn feed, allowing you to easily integrate your content across both platforms. However it’s been announced that this has come to an [...]

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The Coolest Social Networks You’ve Never Heard Of

Posted on06. Jun, 2012 by .


Being social isn’t just liking a page. As a fan of social networks, many people use a multitude of different accounts over various different platforms each day; Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn and Pinterest to name a few. Frequent network users know these social networking platforms, but there are many out there, although have many users [...]

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Is Your Brand Leading The Way in Social Media?

Posted on03. Feb, 2012 by .


Creating a successful brand in today’s information-overloaded social media landscape takes time, work, and believe it or not – courage. Brands that achieve success within the social space go beyond the boundaries of your typical online marketing strategies. Here are some tips on how to save your brand from becoming another face in the crowd. [...]

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What Does Your Online Reputation Say About You? Part 2

Posted on21. Jan, 2012 by .


I recently wrote a blog entitled ‘What Does Your Online Reputation Say About You?’ I outlined how organisations are screening potential job candidates online and how managing your online reputation is as important as ever. In part two of this piece, I will focus on how employers evaluate online reputations as well as provide some [...]

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Not as LinkedIn as he thought!

Posted on09. Nov, 2011 by .


One of the moot points surrounding the juxtaposition of business and personal use of LinkedIn has been at least partly decided (or arguably complicated) by a recent decision from the High Court in the UK. A former consultant of the recruitment firm Hays left the business and started his own agency.  Thus far, not an [...]

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Free lunchtime seminar – Getting LinkedIn

Posted on25. Jul, 2011 by .


LinkedIn now has 100 million members around the world, of which 2 million are Australian.  LinkedIn is undoubtedly the largest database of professionals in the country and an exceptional resource for recruiters, consultants and marketers targeting a professional audience. Our next free lunchtime seminar on 17 August focuses on how to use Linkedin to your [...]

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Gender inequality in Social Media

Posted on05. Apr, 2011 by .


Social Media usage is predominantly female. Well almost. Linkedin and You Tube are used fairly evenly by men and women, but Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, et al are more commonly and regularly used by the fairer sex. Yes, you could argue that women are more personable and open communicators than men.  And indeed they probably are.  [...]

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