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Are marketers missing the obvious?

Posted on 31. Aug, 2010 by in Research

Marketers are amazing and inspiring people, do not get me wrong, but sometimes I just can not help thinking they have missed their captive audience.

Imagine…… Donut icing: ‘free membership @ Fitness First’

Original picture by bochalla (Bryan Ochalla)

The back of a bus: the average Sydney Sider could potentially save $15.50* by parking their car and walking to work ‘let Nike take you the next step’

Casino playing cards: 21%* of punters forget they have left their kids in the car – where are your kids? ‘Use our Nanny – Star City Casino’

The roof of plane hangers: you will get 15%* more leg room when you fly in Qantas’s A380 ‘Stretch out with Qantas ‘

This is just the start……….

* Statistics and figures are purely fictional

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