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The top 5 brands of 2035

Posted on 16. Apr, 2010 by in Marketing, Social Media

A list of the biggest brands in the world is produced by Business Week each year, a list which has traditionally been dominated by industrial and semi-industrial leviathans.

 More recently, brands like Google and Intel have moved rapidly up the list as newer sectors become an all pervasive part of every day life.  But how might that list look in 25 years’ time if these and other trends continue?

1. iweb

It seems difficult to imagine life without Apple’s iweb and it seems strange to think that it is now several decades since iweb replaced the internet.  Apple certainly delivered on their promise of faster, more convenient access to web based services and extending the ubiquity of their now antique iphone through the iHUD and then most recently to the iball, cementing their hold on out of pod access to the intergalactic wide web.

2. Tata

There was plenty of concerned media commentary when Tata made its stunning simultaneous bid for Ford and General Motors, but what a difference real economy of scale can make to vehicle manufacturing.   Granted the global R&D project that facilitated travel out of our atmosphere helped Tata’s drive, but the cornerstone that led this business to dominate inter-stellar transport was laid way back in the early part of this century.

3. Google Dollars

What would life be without a few Googles on your iball!

4. McFacebook

Just before obesity became the number one global killer McDonalds took the smart decision of divesting of their entire core business and acquiring Facebook, moving from fast food to fast friends in the blink of a mouse (to mix metaphors).  McFacebook has now been giving us the chance to McComment, McTweet and McLove updates for over a decade.

5. Virgin Galactic

Back when El Presidente Branson was just a humble businessman, the big V flew the first experimental flight into Space channeling the pioneering spirit of the Wright Bros a century before.  Sure Virgin used to make Cola (in fairness well before it became a prohibited substance) but you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs!

So that’s one potential view of the global brand landscape in 2035, what else do you think should have made the cut?

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