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Six Tips from Social Media for Small Business

Posted on 25. Aug, 2010 by in Marketing, Social Media

Last night the Daemon TWO crew attended the sixth Digital Citizens event and this time around we were talking “Startups, small shops and bootstrappers: the real value in social media and digital PR for small business

A new venue and a new format saw higher audience participation and more questions which worked really well (despite a few technical sound issues). The panel consisted of Jeremy Somers (@itsartdammit) designer and co-founder of We Are Handsome , Craig Macindoe (@chefmumu) head chef and owner of Mumu Grill, Annalisa Holmes (@transcribe) director of Transcribe and Lara Solomon (@LaRoo) creator of Mocks, and author of Brand New Day.

There were lots of good points made during the course of the evening, here are six tips taken from the panels discussions on using social for small business:

  1. Spend time on Social Media: Craig made some huge claims on the effectiveness of Social Media for his restaurant business. His business has grown 20% year on year and he now only uses social channels to market Mumu Grill. He puts this success down to allocating at least 45 mins to 1 hour on social media per day. It’s an important point to remember, successful social media takes time and effort.
  2. Have a likeable product: Jeremy pointed out that @WeAreHandsome‘s (wearehandsome.com) success in the social space has been the appeal of their swimwear. If you have a likeable product or service then it gives customers a reason to interact with you. Social can be an unforgiving and transparent space meaning that it is essential to have a good product to begin with.
  3. Realise your global potential: Social can easily reach a global audience in a more cost effective way than traditional media, making it perfect for small business’.
  4. Have a strategy: Lara pointed out that social is a marketing tool just like other channels (TV, press etc) and you therefore need to remember to have a strategy, implement it and measure your results.
  5. Use social media to connect: Social media offers huge networking potential which is way beyond more traditional face to face events. Annalisa had a great example of how she got to work with @Problogger by simply engaging him in a conversation  through Twitter. This has not only lead to him using her Transcribe services but it’s also been a great cross promotional opportunity for them both.
  6. Enable “s-commerce”: Social commerce is the ability to purchase products and services through social channels. Craig explains that you can book tables through the Mumu Grill  Facebook page, this is a really great opportunity to see the direct effect and ROI of social media marketing.

A live blog of the event by Daemon TWO’s very own Digital Planning Director, Lachlan “Warlach” Hibbert-Wells, can be found here if you missed the event, and we’ll update this post to point to more photos and videos from the night as they appear online.

Image above courtesy of Vornstar, and can be seen on his Flickr.

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6 Responses to “Six Tips from Social Media for Small Business”

  1. Lachlan Hibbert-Wells

    25. Aug, 2010

    A great write up Katy, and a great night. Very much looking forward to the next one. Will be a great venue once the sound is sorted out.

    Really curious to hear other people’s thoughts though, was there anything you wanted answered that the panel didn’t get to?

  2. Jo

    26. Aug, 2010

    I also appreciate this very clear write-up as it helps me to make better sense of this new communication strategy, being one of those people who remember data punchcards powering up computers

  3. Katy Daniells

    26. Aug, 2010

    Thanks Lachlan, it’s a great event and I think the new venue will work really well. Jo, thanks for the comment, Social Media makes sharing knowledge and information so easy and that’s one of the reasons that I love it so much!

  4. Iggy

    27. Aug, 2010


    My wife, Kerry and I were first timers at a DigiCitz event and found the session most valuable. After all the hype around the potential of social media marketing, it was refreshing to hear “practical” stories and discussions from people who have utilised social media in their businesses.

    I particularly enjoyed Annalisa and Craig’s perspectives whose informal and authentic insights were a breath of fresh air to the pontifications of the so-called “experts”.

    Thanks for sharing your post.

    Cheers, Iggy

  5. NehadK

    27. Aug, 2010

    Great round-up Katy. Good to have some simple take-aways from the night if we weren’t able to make it.

  6. Katy Daniells

    27. Aug, 2010

    Thanks Iggy, I agree, it was a valuable event, I liked the practical approach of the stories. Thank you also Nehad – I advise you attend the next one ;-)

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