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Shift Happens goes Fourth

Posted on 25. Oct, 2010 by in Marketing, Social Media

In 2006, Karl Fisch created a presentation for a high school meeting in Colorado called Did You Know? or alternatively Shift Happens.  Since then, tens of millions have seen the original and the three subsequent updates, which detail the technological and societal shifts which frame our world.

The fourth incarnation of Shift Happens is liked below and includes the following, amongst other trends and interesting statistics:

  •  47% of broadcast viewers would pay for TV without ad breaks
  • 95% of all songs downloaded last year weren’t paid for
  • Wikipedia now has 13 millions article in 200 languages
  • World record for text messages sent in one month is 217,541 – 2,272 is the average for an American teen
  • 200 billion emails are sent every day – 90% are estimated to be Spam

Shift Happens 4.0


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  1. Bubbi

    13. Dec, 2011

    If only there were more clever popele like you!

  2. xohzzxqsgw

    14. Dec, 2011

    2BGC04 dopjppqhkonn

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