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Is the Guardian TVC the best ever?

Posted on 02. Mar, 2012 by in Marketing, Social Media

Is the Guardian TVC the best ever?

The Guardian (a national newspaper in the UK) has returned to TV for the first time in several decades.

The Guardian has a history of creating ground breaking creative, which it has done under the positioning of ‘the whole picture’ for some time.

The paper aired this TVC for the first time on Wednesday:

Open Journalism

For me it is engaging, it is thought provoking, it creates conversation by illustrating conversation and is sure to win gongs.

More than that, if this isn’t the best TVC you have ever seen what is?

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One Response to “Is the Guardian TVC the best ever?”

  1. luke

    02. Mar, 2012

    Its up there for sure. does it carry the emotive response of something like the Guinness Serfer Ad?

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