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Your mind is the scene of the meme

Posted on 01. Nov, 2010 by in Marketing, Social Media

Social media and the creativity of user generated content has forever changed the way we watch movies – take Inception, for example. Christopher Nolan’s latest is a hit with the internet, which has latched on to stills, quotes and even the theme music to make some truly hilarious content.

You had better stop reading if you haven’t seen it yet as there are some spoilers in the pick of the best memes, image mashups and fan videos that we’ve collected below: Oh, and if you haven’t seen Inception, go and see it now – it’s OK, we’ll wait.

The trailer
The trailer was always going to be ripe for remixing – with the pumping score and rememberable quotes. Here’s our pick of the litter:


Inception Trailer A Capella Re-Dub

Trailer for ‘Toy Story 3: Inception’

Cobb and Fischer
Much like the interrogation scene from The Dark Knight, these stills from the bar conversation have been used far and wide as an image macro or ‘exploitable’ (an image that can be endlessly altered by adding text):

Strutting Leo
Taken on the set of the movie, this infectiously happy Leo DiCaprio has been photoshopped into countless scenes for humerous effect. No matter what happens, he just keeps on strutting:

Infographics Galore
All the dream layers in Inception mean infographics – where information meets design – are not only apt but many are incredibly beautiful. Here’s our favourites, click them to see them full size:

Click on any of the above images to see a bigger version and please feel free to suggest your own personal favourites in the comments below!

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