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The art of client entertaining

Posted on 16. Apr, 2010 by in General

Last Monday night I went to my third corporate viewing event at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. We’ve been corporate sponsors now for two years and we probably don’t make the best use of that fact as often as we should. What struck me at my most recent visit was that I haven’t tired of the events even though the format remains fairly consistent.

I have to take my hat off to the Gallery for showing how corporate events can be done and done well.

The night is seemless from the online registration of guests to your Lindt chocolate laden departure. In between, the really good stuff happens. It’s a standing affair with canapes, bubbles and wine flowing freely among Sydney’s corporate types.

A couple of things I really love (apart from the obvious, wonderful and inspiring artwork): People dress up for the occassion – really, they do. It’s nice to be somewhere once and a while that isn’t too cool to have a dress code (and to be honest, I’m not sure that they do – it seems people enforced rather than organisational).

The other thing that was wonderfully refreshing was our host speaker for the evening. Edmund Capon, Director and Chief Curator of the Art Gallery was so obviously well educated.  Yet he somehow spoke in a way that conveyed his knowledge without leaving his audience behind. Bright, witty and entertaining. Everything you look for in a speaker.

Finally, I have to say the music is always a lovely touch. Live music is underrated and rare, especiallly in such a glamourous setting.

It’s an old fashioned adjective but I’d have to say the whole evening left me quite charmed.

Check out the finalists here  http://ow.ly/1z9t8

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