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Yes, Australians are great at adopting new technologies

Posted on 20. Apr, 2010 by in Employer Branding, General



In a recent post Tom Pitney answered the question “Are Australians slow adaptors to new technologies?” with “Australian Businesses are generally slower than most US or European countries to evolve to social and technological change.”

As the answer to the question posed, I disagree. Australians are great at adopting new technologies. You only have to look at some of the stats and lists that are regularly published:

But if the question was about the uptake of social media by Australian businesses, I would still be hesitant about saying that we are lagging behind. You only have to look at the number of tweets telling us how to use twitter or the discussions that rage on blogs around the world about developing social media strategies to recruit, engage, sell or build brand.

When it comes to optimising social media for business use, we’re probably still somewhere between the ‘innovator’ and ‘early adopter’ phases globally? Although if you work in this space, its tough to imagine why we haven’t moved into ‘early majority’ as yet. But this is still the exciting time when there is room for experimentation when everyone is working out how best to optimise the social media for themselves. There have been some spectacular successes, Dell being the obvious example but don’t forget they only got started after being burnt, quite literally.  The work Ubank are doing here in Australia is interesting too. There have obviously been some high profile flops like Witchery about 18 months ago but at least they were giving it a go. Obviously the most recent disaster was Toyota – even though it was in Australia that was a global brand.

Whilst businesses in Australia may be slightly more conservative, I think it unfair to say that everyone is slow. The local market forces here differ to the drivers in N America and Europe. Judging by the conversations I have with clients, there is a lot of activity and planning behind the scenes – for many they have an active listening policy as their first stage of engagement in social media.

As we move from the early adopter phase, I think it is very much a case of “watch this space”!

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4 Responses to “Yes, Australians are great at adopting new technologies”

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    20. Apr, 2010

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  2. Katy

    21. Apr, 2010

    Whilst I agree with the sentiment that Australians are great adopters of new technologies, I do believe that it is the technology itself that is holding us back. Having experienced the internet offerings both here and in the UK it seems that we are vastly lagging behind. Australians are faced with a more costly and less flexible service.

    Having just moved, I was shocked to learn that it is going to take 10 – 20 working days to transfer my iinet service with no explanation as to why this should take so long. Unless vast improvements are made, Australians are going to find it increasingly difficult to keep up with advancing global technologies. We are ready to be a nation of adopters but can the infrastructure support us?

  3. nat cagilaba

    26. Apr, 2010

    Katy you raise a very good point. The fact that there isn’t the competition that is present in the UK to drive down pricing and force improvements to supply of service is further testament to the appetite for new technologies Australians have – even in the face of such adversity. The Government and telcos need to work out how to provide good broadband and mobile access at affordable prices for all of Australia rather than pussy footing about protecting revenues and not upsetting monopolies!

  4. James

    28. Apr, 2010

    You raise some great points there Nat. Uptake by a business takes time, so does provisioning in the budgetting process. Either huge businesses can allocate enough money that it’s effective but still minute in terms of their total budge. Or smaller, courageous businesses allocate a large proportion of their budget to have a go. It’s in between these two extremes that Im seeing the lag!

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