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Social Media – A recruitment and retention tool action plan

Posted on 30. Nov, 2010 by in Employer Branding, Social Media

In this 3-part blog series, we’ll look at some key challenges and questions we’ve obtained from businesses across Australia relating to how best to use (or not as the case may be) social media as a recruitment and retention tool both for their organisations and for themselves.

The reviews will be divided into three parts and answer the following questions:

  • How do I find out what current undergraduates think of my organisation?
  • How do I create connections with influencers or influencing bodies in my industry?
  • How do I develop a network of engaged undergraduates and other potential applicants?
  • Should I, and how do I, advertise vacancies on behalf of my organisation?
  • How do I actively recruit graduates?
  • How do I establish my personal reputation in Social Media?

PART ONE: Don’t run before you can walk

Undergraduates and Graduates are an active and engaged social media audience. Connecting with them in the social media space has become increasingly crucial in order to remain competitive in a crowded recruitment market. So, how do we use Social Media as a tool to engage and solve some of the issues many organisations are facing?

  1. 1. How do I find out what current undergraduates think of my organisation?

In the same way you’d approach any other media, research is fundamental to developing a social media strategy that works, can be measured effectively and provides return on investment. Before you embark on creating a social media strategy that marries against your organisational objectives and what you want to achieve through social media, you should first know:

  • what your target market is interested in;
  • how they like to consume information – are they readers, writers, creators or listeners?;
  • where they spend their time?;
  • when are they most active? are their trends on usage periods? and
  • how they spend their time – are they playing games, chatting or creating videos?

Tracking your company’s brand, products and services through social media is simple and is like putting an ear to the ground. Setting up simple listening posts around key words, product and brand names will soon see you with a listening footprint that demonstrates what undergraduates think about your organisation/brands/services and more importantly where those conversations are happening.  And if no one is talking about your organisation, that’s pretty telling too!

A few things to start your thinking…..

1. Start by defining a list of key words that are important to your organisation. Remember terms that are too generic will see you with a raft of results that may not be relevant to your business so try and be as targeted and specific as you can be. Tracking brand names and products is a good start.

2. Once determined you need to ascertain whether you have a budget for listening to these conversations and what that is. There are both free and paid for tools that give you differing results and,depending on how complex your business offering is, may determine which will work best for you.

3. Remember that region is important in a global medium. Try and keep your search tracking to the region that is most relevant to you. What appeals to, and is fashionable with, Graduates in Texas for example, might not have the same resonance with Graduates in Sydney or London. Not all listening tools can extract only the relevant pieces so be aware. Global results give you context and are a good quantitatively but do also look for qualitative examples that are relevant to your region and industry to give you a balanced insight.

That’s the first step. Join us next week for the next steps to engagement in social media. Any ideas, thoughts or feedback on areas you’d like answers to are, as always, welcomed.

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