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Once upon a time there was a radio station, young people, and a little thing called social media….

Posted on 18. Feb, 2011 by in Social Media

In the age of conversation, websites are required to function beyond the standard templates designed for e-commerce or online brochures (sometimes referred to as corporate websites!) and produce an emotional response.

To create the perfect environment in which to cultivate the desired reponse from your audience,  the pitch, tone and value exchange has to be just right. It’s the sweet spot.

Gen Y often gets a bad wrap about their attitude. To the generations older than them they often appear rude and arrogant. But perhaps this arrogance is misinterpreted confidence born our of a lifetime that, in the main, has been filled with a positive social and economical environment. Of course I’m talking on a macro level – it’d be foolish to think every Gen Y has had an easy ride.

A recent campaign we ran the social media element of on behalf of the Federal Government through Austereo saw youth (specifically under 20s) come together as DJ pairs to create their own radio station. The concept was designed to promote respectful relationships among young people as part of the wider ‘The Line’ campaign.

A cross channel approach including web, radio and social media allowed for a strong integration of messages and tapped into online channels where youth were already spending time, in particular MySpace and Facebook.

If I’m completely honest, I wasn’t expecting the ‘feel good’ vibe that came out of this campaign. The excitement, the commraderie and general goodness that was shared amongst the fans was inspiring and exciting. It is, in fairness, a rare opportunity for anyone to be offered the opportunity to create their own DJ spot on genuine radio station so a connection was certainly expected. That said, there wasn’t any rivalry, just support and a desire to do a good job.

Whilst the initiative didn’t create the largest community, it created one that was committed to the purpose and completely engaged.  The community grew more than 28% in one month alone. Positive comments such as that shown below helped foster a postive, two way, value exchange.

It was one campaign that I was genuinely sad to see the end of. It truly does demonstrate the value of the channel, audience and idea melding to create the perfect offering.

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