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3 secrets of social media success

Posted on 28. May, 2010 by in Social Media

photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt

If you’re looking for the secret to social media success, here’s a hint – it takes effort. Despite the immediate nature of the medium, you’ll need to put in the hard yards if you want results. So instead of get-followers-quick schemes or promises of easy wins, here are three ways you can get the ball rolling but be warned – it’s time to roll your sleeves up and do some serious work.

Reply, retweet, repeat

While broadcast style Twitter accounts have their benefits, don’t expect the same results as a personal account that makes an effort to interact. Tweeps who start conversations, share other tweets and are consistently engaged will find others returning the favour and will establish more authority and influence.

Learn from the best

No lightweight when it comes to blogging himself, Matthew Gain recently shared his efforts to improve his incoming traffic by taking some advice from one of professional bloggers Darren Rowse and Chris Garret. While Matthew admits that the information wasn’t necessarily new to him, the tips and learnings shared by the pros have given him the opportunity to refocus his attention on engagement and reach. Now Matthew’s sharing with his audience so we can learn from him.

Contribute to a community

Half of the Daemonites that make up Daemon Group are now blogging in this space while the others are preparing themselves for the plunge by asking questions, discussing ideas and brushing up on their skills. Our blogging efforts are the result of our own community and for the benefit of the entire team. We’re also looking to contribute to a wider community which is why we’re taking the time to read, share and comment on other blogs that pique our interest.

What’s your secret?

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7 Responses to “3 secrets of social media success”

  1. Gavin Heaton

    28. May, 2010

    As you point out, it’s not that we don’t know some of this stuff – it’s that we forget the details when it comes to our practise. And the devil – or should I say, success, is in the details.

  2. mandi bateson

    28. May, 2010

    Exactly Gavin. And while there’s no harm in complacency, there’s certainly no benefit in it either

  3. Matthew Gain

    28. May, 2010

    Some good simple tips here. I especially like how you make it clear that social media success is not an overnight thing.

    Thanks for mentioning me also.

  4. Nicola Swankie

    29. May, 2010

    Like it Mandi, always enjoy a good simple 3 tips framework too! I think for me the point that resonates most is that is acknowledging the practise of what we all love to preach about is hard work and like any relationship, takes commitment and investment of time.

  5. mandi bateson

    29. May, 2010

    Thanks Matthew and Nic! Many of our clients are just getting started in this space so what may be a reminder to us is an introduction for many.

  6. kristin rohan

    31. May, 2010

    Another great post, Mandi – I love how you break social media down to the simplest of steps and recommend diligence – and that it’s not a quick scheme. This is music to my ears.

    These tips are great for everyone – advanced and beginners – great to take a step back and ensure the basics are covered. Sometimes that’s more than enough.

    My best secret to social media – being social and liking people. I am hesitant of social media specialists who struggle to have conversations.

    I know some people have hard time in crowds, including me, but finding a community where one is comfortable with others who share your passion helps to improve social skills.

    It doesn’t take fancy tactics, forced campaigns or huge gestures for a successful community – if every business & person followed your fantastic tips, it would be a great start.

    Keep writing – you have quite a knack for it. I enjoy your insights so much.

    Cheers & best,
    Kristin Rohan

  7. Radhika Ram Tevita

    31. May, 2010

    Great post Mandi!
    You have encapsulated the key aspects of SoMe regardless of platform and I’ll be bookmarking this post to show friends who have been hesitant to play in this space even though they have so much to share.

    I think its also commendable that as a group (and a community) that the Daemonites are engaging in this space whether as seasoned travellers or adventurers. And I appreciate that you are validate that participation is listening, reading, contributing, discussing and sharing.

    Kristin you are so right – in a space that touts itself as the home of connection and engagement possessing those skills in IRL certainly lends far more credibility!

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